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Grocery Items


(A to Z)

Alligator Meat "Wild" (1 lb)

Baby Back Ribs (Danish)

Baby Back Ribs (Finnish) (10 kg)

BBQ Duck (Fresh)

BBQ Pork (cooked)

Beef Short Ribs (Boneless) (20 kg)

Char Siu (Fz) "Nishimoto" (#93138)

Chicken (Fz) Whole "Wing Dat" (7's)

Chicken Breast "Natural" (Fz) (4 kg)

Chicken Breast (4 oz)

Chicken Breast (5 oz) Fz

Chicken Breast (6 oz)

Chicken Drumstick (5 - 6 kg)

Chicken Fingers (4 kg)

Chicken Gyoza (Fz) (20 oz)

Chicken Haddie (14 oz)

Chicken Haddie (6 oz)

Chicken Nugget (5 lb) #7535

Chicken Strips "Fingers" (4 kg)

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders (10 kg)

Chicken Thigh (10 kg)

Chicken White Meat

Chicken Wing "Split" (4.54 kg) (2 packages)

Chicken Wingette (Fz) (10 lb) (4 package)

Crocodile Tail Fillet (Fz) (1 kg)

Duck Legs (Fz)

Frog Legs (6/8) (1 kg)

Ginger Chicken (Fz)

Garlic Ribs (Boneless)

Ginger Beef

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

Lamb Legs (Fz) Semi-Boneless (7's)

Lamb Meat (Fz) "Ground"

Lamb Rack (Fz)

Langostino Meat (2 lb)

Iidako Karaage 1 kg (60 pcs)

Peking Duck (Whole)

Pig Head (Fz) #93319 (8's)

Pork Back Ribs

Pork Butt (Fz)

Pork Loin (Boneless)

Pork Meat Ball (Fz) (1 lb)

Pork Tenderlon

Roasted Pig (Cooked)

Sheephead (Fresh) Whole (Farm Raised)

Turkey (Whole) 20 lb

Quail Whole (4's)

Quill Back (FAS) Whole

Quill Back (Fresh) Whole

Quill Back (Live) Whole

Veal Breast (Boneless)





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